Book for regular attendance 

Oldest prize in Dalmarnock School's history uncovered !
Former pupil Peter Lamb's great niece, Kim Olivier sent me these photographs








"I have recently acquired a copy of a book that was presented to my great uncle, Peter Lamb (now passed on) that was given to him for "Regular Attendance"  of your school, in the 1892-1893 schoolyear"


"It is titled "The Coral Island" - A Tale of the Pacific Ocean, by Robert Ballantyne- New Edition- 1893. The book itself is in good shape and has been well taken care of."


"It seems that it must have been the first year that your school was open, according to the dates listed in your website. I'm very interested in finding facts about your school that first year, and any photos that you may have pertaining to that time period. Headmaster is (William Macintyre?)"  .............Regards, Kim Olivier, Meriden, CT, USA. (June 2005)


Another website success story! 

Thank you Kim for sending these wonderful photographs of the book your late great uncle, 
Peter Lamb, received for regular attendance in the 1892-93 schoolyear.


Extract from e-mail. June 2005, Mrs Owens, DPS Principal Teacher
....This is a very impressive find - presumably a prize from the very first prizegiving ceremony at Dalmarnock School!



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